Do you want to identify, understand and exploit your “online” business opportunities? With emediately, you can count on the expertise of specialists in transferring offline business to the online world. Because these two worlds do not work according to the same mechanisms.


How do you ensure your investment in online activities would facilitate growth and yield sustainable benefits?

emediately shows you how to enter new markets and channels with a clever online strategy.


Dying newspapers, magazines and books? Is the paper at the end of its life? Will we read only on the screen soon?

When it comes to the issue of choosing between print or online and digital, emediately does not believe either, rather believes in the fascinating possibilities that both have to offer.

IT- and Online projects

Isn’t it true that everyone and their brother has great ideas? And is it not a pity that 99% of these ideas never even get to the public, because the technological hurdles seem insurmountable?

emediately provides a strong project management and helps the good ideas survive and get visible.

e-Commerce and sales strategies

How would you feel if someone would not only present you the benefits of electronic commerce, the new trends and sales channels but also concrete solutions and can demonstrate successful projects in this area?

emediately opens you the door to online sales.